What is your favorite website?  

This one.

Fun fact: my parents almost named my QWERTY. 

Fun fact: my parents almost named my QWERTY. 

How did you make it? 

I used SquareSpace. I tried a bunch of site making tools and liked that one the best.  Read my mom's reviews of them here. 

What kind of dog are you?

A cavapoo, or cavadoodle as some call it. My dad was a poodle. My mom was a cavalier spaniel. I'm not sure how they ended up making me, I'm still too young to know about that sort of stuff. 

Android or iPhone? 


What kind of food do you like? 

My moms feed me Fresh Pet but I've been on a hunger strike only eating lamb lung treats. Oh, sometimes I eat my poop too. 

Do you care that your parents are constantly watching you via Dropcam? 

Do I think it is an invasion of my privacy, yes. But I also know how much I mean to them and I don't want them to worry about me.

Also, sometimes they think they are watching me but it's really a clip from last week that I'm looping on an iPhone that I put in front of the camera. 

What kind of other dogs do you like? 

I have a serious crush on a mutt in my puppy training class, but when I hump him I get in trouble. 

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

New Jersey. I love to 💩 on the grass there. 

Don't you think these are boring questions? 

Yes, that's why I need you to ask me some. Submit below. 

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